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There was a time when story telling was our gateway into an alternate universe. And they all began with once upon a time. And then came moving pictures aka motion pictures aka movies and here we are today. Every movie has its own characteristic beginning and just because you started at the beginning doesn’t mean you know when the story began. Like a mental maze of some sorts, the storyline of a movie can leave you with many distinct possibilities with no definite conclusions. The hero could be the villain and the villain could be the victim. And the ending is not always the end, just a doorway to another movie. On this list, you would find 5 top shelf movies


Set in the fictional Racoon city, a genetic research facility creates a deadly virus that was later stolen from the lab. Despite valiant attempts by Alice and her team, the virus spread into the populace and triggers a global zombie apocalypse. Survivors must now find a safe place to thrive while they ride out the virus or until a cure is found. The plot takes us to different cities but in the final film, we are brought back to where it all began. Alice discovers the truth about herself and earth is given the chance to begin afresh.


If you have not watched any of the movies in the Fast and Furious franchise, you must have been living under a rock! This is a movie that has got a little bit of everything. Fast cars, massive heists, forbidden romance, friendship and wicked stunts. We follow the story of ex-con, Dominic Toretto as he navigates the world of world of dark criminals and friends in the legal system who play for the dark side. Dom and his team are like the edgiermodern-dayversion of Robin Hood and his band of merry men


We are thrown into a battle of supremacy between Vampires and Lycans and all the legends that have accompanied these two species. For Selena, her role as a highly efficient Lycan assassin also known as death dealers, was to avenge the death of her family whom she wrongly assumed were killed by Lycans. The revelation of the true circumstances surrounding the death of her family turns her against the vampire leadership. Haunted for her actions, Selena confronts her past in other to secure her future as the world evolves.


A simple instruction to follow the white rabbit led computer programmer, Neo down the rabbit hole. It is in this hole that Neo discovers the true identity of the Matrix and how it has manipulated reality. Morpheus believes that Neo is the one to save mankind but to do so, Neo must first lose himself.


Jason Bourne is a CIA assassin who we find suffering from acute memory loss. With no idea of who he is, his arrival in the city sets off a chain of events that gradually reveal the identity of the man within. His memory returns in flashes and with it, snippets of his past. He is determined to right the wrongs and finally put his past to rest.

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