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Finding a Luxury Accommodation Australia

Australia is one of the best and most popular of all tourist destinations across the world. It portrays diversity of experience and place and provides a wide array of attractions for tourists to enjoy and cherish for the rest of their lives. Australia is also proud about its wide range of luxury lodges that are situated across the entire country. These luxury lodges happen to be more than mere places to stay with your family or friends. The key for each lodge is to deliver a proper connection to place. Between these lodges, you will find almost 250 different activities and experiences that are all created to give their guests a proper sense of place.

Some Luxury Lodges of Australia

Some of the luxury barefoot paradises of the country are exclusive in terms of their remoteness, small number of guests at any given point in time, and their special location. Here are some of the Luxury Lodges of Australia – Luxury Accommodation picks that are rather popular amongst the tourists visiting the country.

  • Arkaba: This lodge is truly one of the luxury lodges of the country. At any given point in time, a maximum of 10 guests can stay at the lodge. The property itself is spread across 60000 acres and is located in the age old and breath-taking landscape of the Flinders Ranges. This luxury lodge happens to be a perfect blend of tourism and conservatism. The best part about this lodge is that is flanked by the wonderful Chase and elder Ranges, as well as, the Rawnsley Bluff. There is a shaded verandah in front of each of the 5 bedrooms of the lodge. When you sip your morning tea at the breakfast table, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful peaks of the Elder Ranges that are set alight by the early morning sun.
  • Bamurru Plains: This is another of the several luxury lodges in Australia. Located on the edge of the Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory of the country, you will be able to enjoy sights of some of the most prolific birds of Australia. there are 10 safari bungalows in this luxury lodge, each of which are made in such a way that guests can easily enjoy the sights and sounds of the bush that surround the property. You can also enjoy the sights across the floodplains during sunrise from the comfort of your bed. All the rooms are equipped with all the facilities that guests may need during their stay at the lodge.
  • Capella Lodge: This luxury lodge provides the pinnacle of luxury to all its guests. It is located at the top of the Lovers Bay right at the foot of the twin mountains that arise rather dramatically. Capella Lodge also happens to be the only island accommodation that provides spectacular views of the twin peaks and the ocean. The lodge has 9 beach-house styled suites that are rather contemporary in design and also complements natural pristine environment of the island. If you wish to look for a serene and luxury refuge, then this will be a great option for you.
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