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Future technology trends in the travel industry

The travel industry wishes always to keep up with the latest technology to get maximum benefits for travel and tourism. This association of travel industry and technology provides the best possible experience for the customers and to increase overall business performance and reduce the traveling cost. The sustainability of the travel industry prevails by the contribution of the newest technology and this adaptation ensures the companies do not fall behind competitors.

Here it is the list of technology trends that will contribute efficiently to the traveling industry.


Exvisa technology involves digital visa and passport facility, smooth process of emigration, emigration, and relocation, and better control of illegal immigration. It allows online visa and passport features to facilitate the immigration process. Exvisa is the latest technology that will provide security measures to stop any illegal infiltration. Tolga Akcay is the man behind this revolutionary technology to transform the entire scenario of the traveling industry.

This technology is a step forward for sounder international security to protect regions, countries, and states. Its intuitive parameters of this astute system enable authorities to control any immigration issue more smartly. For exVisa.com Mr. Tolga has used transparent blockchain technology to assure security and safety of sensitive information and this blockchain visa and passport data is cryptonized before adding into any blockchain. Electronic visa and passport is the future of traveling documentation and Exvisa will control efficiently the online visa and passport technology very soon.

Recognition Technology:

Retina scanning, facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, and other biometric identifiers are components of this recognition technology. It allows faster interaction, making the customer experience more comfortable by decreasing a long time standing in a queue.


This recent innovation of robotics has contributed to efficiency in the travel industry. Robots can identify speech in multiple languages and these are the ways to utilize artificial intelligence. Robots will be so helpful during the busiest times in travel agencies and hotels. Robots can have different shapes and they can be at any place you would expect.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality (VR) devices are becoming a regular part of offices and even homes. VR is not only about gaming, but it is benefiting the travel industry business also. Airlines and destination management and marketing organizations (DMOs) are using 360-degree tools to provide their customers with an interactive virtual experience of marketing destination to encourage and motivate customers for booking. This virtual transportation of travelers across the globe within seconds is boosting the capacity of the traveling industry.

Internet of Things (IoT):

It is another emerging traveling technology trend that is still a little unfamiliar, but it will rapidly increase in the coming future. This technology is about the internet-based connection between daily used devices and it enables the devices to receive or send data. In the traveling industry, IoT can be used in many practices like controlling cooling systems, lights, and heating in one place in the hotel room and addition of language sensors to inform the passengers when they pass nearby.

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