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Savings Guide when Visiting Burbank, California

Your Burbank vacation can be stellar without sacrificing your budget.

Miles from the studios of Hollywood is the crux of the making the actual films relies heavily on the town of Burbank. The small city in San Fernando Valley packs a big punch, with a reputation as the ‘Media Capital of the World’.  In the city studio tours continues with commercial delights such as peeking inside NBC along Alameda Boulevard, or a fun trek into the studio and soundstages of Warner Brothers. Back lots serve as home to Universal Studios. You can tour around and see its amusement park interiors, with high-tech thrill rides and nightly rounds of spectacles themed after the current roster of movies. For fans who love explosions and over the top spectacles, the shows in this side of Burbank are musts.

Burbank is home to several attractions that can make Hollywood fans crazy. Apart from NBC Universal and Warner Brothers, Burbank is also home to Disney. You can reach the city through its own airport, the Bob Hope. Its low-cost bus system is perfect for touring around, especially if you’re working on a tight budget. Burbank is perfect for those who want to stay in Hollywood, but do not want to spend all that cash.

Savings Tip or Highlight: If you’re in the Los Angeles area, Burbank is an excellent place to stay in. It’s near to favorite tourist spots like Hollywood, and it has plenty of attractions on its own.

Exploring Burbank with a Tight Budget

You haven’t been to Burbank unless you’ve sat behind the scenes. There are plenty of Television Show Tapings held daily. Audiences are needed for several productions, and most are offered for free online. Pickwick Gardens is an attractive place, where tourists can use the bowling alley and the ice rink. You can join the tour of the Warner Brothers Studios like a VIP for a lower price. Guests get to sit in a cart and pass through production facilities, soundstages, and backlot sets. Watch The Tonight Show and tour NBC for a very cheap fee. If you want to explore the area on your own without shelling cash, the Burbank Media Center has eateries, movie theaters, and shops to explore. For a few more bucks you can also explore the cultural and educational exhibits of the Martial Arts History Museum.

Where to Stay in Burbank

Unlike its other Hollywood-centered counterparts, Burbank has a lot of budget options. Most hotels offer package rates that go on discounts if you book in advance. Those that offer low rates as its regular price include the Best Western Media Center Inn & Suites, Quality Inn Burbank, and the Burbank Downtown Residence Inn. You can also book your hotel room with Reservations.com and save on your Burbank stay. They offer personalized travel planning and help you to find hotels to fit any budget
The city is also an excellent launching pad when visiting Tinsel Town, but make sure to stay in Burbank for the night to save up on your budget. Drinks and good eats are plenty and cheap in the Blue Room along San Fernando Boulevard. The kitschy bar has been featured in several movies. Across the Warner Brothers Studio’s main gate is Bob’s Big Boy, largely considered a national landmark of sorts. Celebrity sightings are common, and you won’t have to shell much for the amazing burgers.

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