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What Are The Top Opportunities To Volunteer In Costa Rica?

If you are looking for opportunities to volunteer in Costa Rica, you will quickly discover that there are some opportunities that are not very beneficial while there are others that seem genuinely interested in helping people. When you decide to volunteer abroad, it is important that you choose a program that will not only offer you unforgettable experiences, but also one that will make an investment in your learning, safety and convenience.

Costa Rica is considered one of the top volunteering destinations in the world, and it is easy to see why. With the natural beauty, beautiful animals and interesting culture, there is a lot to choose from.

So, without further ado, the following are some of the top volunteering opportunities in Costa Rica.

Love Volunteers

Volunteers will enjoy an experience of a lifetime caring for and releasing baby turtles back into the Pacific Ocean. This opportunity is located in Montezuma, which is a breathtakingly gorgeous area of Costa Rica that is remote and near the coast.

You will feel as though you are truly making a difference in the lives of the baby sea turtles while also taking some time to enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape.

The living conditions are simple, but you will have plenty of time to explore the surrounding areas because the average shift is usually no more than 6 hours a day.

This opportunity to volunteer in Costa Rica will also introduce you to other like-minded individuals from around the world who also want to share in this experience.

The program is located in San Jose, and it is a summer volunteer program.

Medical Volunteer – Maximo Nivel

This is the ideal volunteer program for participants who are interested in entering into the medical field. You will work beside other students from the local university while offering assistance as needed.

You will find that the residents are very friendly and easy to talk to, and you will quickly lose track of time while enjoying and listening to their stories. You may also find one or two residents that are just as interested in learning more about you as well.

So, if you are a PT student and you already have some experience working in a clinical setting, you will have the opportunity to participate even more at the work site.

Even if you have limited clinical skills, you can learn a lot during this medical volunteer program if you are assertive and not afraid to ask questions. In other words, the more you are willing to put into the program, the more you will get out of it.

In addition, this program will allow you to work alongside doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in a variety of medical settings. During the duration of the program you will improve your Spanish speaking skills, get international experience and school credit. Residents of the United States are also eligible for the President’s Service Award.

This program is located in San Jose, and it is offered year round.

Sea Turtle Conservation

Many students have mentioned how life changing their volunteer experience was when they were involved in sea turtle conservation. With this volunteer experience, you will get the opportunity to see how the residents of Costa Rica live their daily lives, and that is a wonderful addition to an already memorable experience.

You will get chills the first time you collect the eggs out of a sea turtle nest, and the staff will guide and assist you the entire time to ensure you get the most for your time while you are at the conservation.

You will meet people from as far away as Switzerland and Australia who will not only be fellow volunteers, but may also become lifelong friends.

This program is located in Talamanca and it is offered continuously during the year.

Teach English And Volunteer

This program offers so many amazing opportunities that it is often difficult for volunteers to choose just one. One of the reasons why so many students enjoy this volunteer opportunity is because the program is very well organized and structured.

By working with the local children and teaching English, you will be helping to provide the community with some stability. Both adults and children can use the program and platform as a way to learn English so they can increase the likelihood of having a better future.

This program takes place in the rural and remote areas of Costa Rica, and it is offered three times during the year (spring, summer, fall).

GVI offers a volunteering opportunity where students can become a part of a remote and beautiful community in Costa Rica. See how the locals live a peaceful life without automobiles or roads while being surrounded by local canals, stunning wild rainforests and Caribbean beaches.

Central America Immersion – Carpe Diem Education

With this experience to volunteer in Costa Rica, you will view of the world will be forever transformed and you will learn a lot about being confident when traveling alone. You will also learn how to peacefully coexist with others when living in a group.

In addition, you will learn the importance of why it is necessary to be an active participant in society whether that means being environmentally responsible, politically or buying goods locally.

Carpe Diem connects and gives back to all of the communities around the world that students have interacted with. Learn a language, stay with a local host family and take part in volunteer project during a gap semester or any other time during the year.

This program is located in rural areas in Costa Rica, Santo Domingo and San Jose. The program runs throughout the year.

Costa Rica Big Cats, Primates And Turtle Conservation – Frontier

The volunteer projects in this program can last up to 30 weeks, and if you do not have a lot of time to spare, you can take advantage of the wide range of short trips. There are plenty of projects that suit any interest and budget.

You can participate in community development or conservation volunteering. If you want to conserve certain species and the habitats in which they live, this is an excellent program to take part in.

Hopefully, this list of opportunities to volunteer in Costa Rica have you ready to pack your bug repellant and hiking boots. If you have been hunting for the ultimate volunteer program, the programs on this list fit the bill for the exceptional opportunities and unforgettable memories in Costa Rica you have been dreaming about.

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