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Explore incredible Nepal with Dolama Treks

‘’Heaven is a myth, Nepal is real’’.

Nepal is a land-locked gem and it is true nirvana for adventure seekers and travel lovers. Being home to 7 of the world’s tallest mountains, the birthplace of Buddha, ancient royal cities, wildlife viewing opportunities, steamy lowland plains, and classic hiking and mountaineering imaginable it is a masterpiece created by nature.

Here, is an endless list of places to visit and things to do in Nepal and that is why it is impossible to summarize every detail here. But some of the prominent features of Nepal you can explore are:

  • What’s your opinion about the scenic flight over the Himalayan Mountains? From short but epic hikes to off the beaten track hikes, to long and epic hikes you have a range of best hiking treks amongst the glorious Himalayan Mountain.
  • You can experience ancient Hindu traditions at Pashupatinath Temple. It is full of colors, lights, and chanting.
  • Visit the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal. Lumbini has Maya Devi Temple, a vast array of stupas, monasteries, and so many temples.
  • Step back in time in the living and breathing museum of astonishing NEWARI TOWN of BANDIPUR and know about the Newari culture.
  • Search Tiger, Elephant, and one-horned Rhino in epic wildlife safari of Nepal.
  • At ‘’The Last Resort’’ experience the longest canyon swing in the world that is surrounded with incredible natural wonders.
  • In Pokhara, you can chill in backpacks heaven, go for white water rafting, and float through the sky Paragliding.

These are some very little glimpses of the amazing wonderland of Nepal and to explore Nepal in its true meanings https://www.dolmatreks.com/ are the ideal partners for you. The professional attitude, friendly and honest behavior, affordable and comprehensive packages, and quality services of ‘’Dolama Treks’’ simply make you their fans and for your every next trip to this magical land of Nepal they will become their ultimate choice.

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