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McLaren Falls Park in Tauranga

McLaren Falls Park is a great place for picnics, fishing, kayaking, barbecues, bush walks, wedding photos and camping. It is an ideal place for walkers. This park is just a 10 minutes drive from Tauranga.  McLaren Falls walk is such a wonderful experience that it is truly phenomenal. And camping at McLaren falls provides you unmemorable experience of fun, adventure, and beauty.

McLaren Falls Walks:

Numerous walking tracks provide easy walks on wide and well-formed tracks. This walkway is almost equal to the full length of the eastern side of McLaren Lake. This walking track has parking available on both sides of it and it has facilities of toilets also. You can also experience a variety of aquatic birds there.

It has     walking tracks by the name of:

  • Waterfall track
  • Cherry Bay track
  • Ponga track
  • Lakeside track
  • Rimu Totara track
  • Rotary Grove and Pine Tree Knoll Track

Camping at McLaren Falls:

McLaren Falls walk is famous for camping. On North Island, it is home to the best botanical collection of trees. You can do camping here maximum for three nights. The highlight of the park is its waterfall track where you can experience glow worms after dusk during camping.

You can also combine the experiences of cave exploring with Canoe or kayak, and glow warm watching, that is a fabulous memory that you cannot forget for a very long time. You can also enjoy the Barbeque night here because of the easy and availability of free gas barbeques for the public.

Slow vehicle access to the picnic and camping area is also provided to the visitors. If you love to do fishing then you can purchase a one-day fishing license and enjoy Trout fishing there. EXPLORE TAURANGA provides you complete details regarding Tauranga trips.

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