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Tourist Attraction and Must Do Activities in California

Planning a trip to California will result in an overwhelming amount of activities to participate in while away on vacation. California has so much to offer that it may almost come off as overwhelming if you have not visited this wonderful state yet. There are a few obvious tourist destinations that most people have heard of and considered when they start planning their vacation to California. The Hollywood sign is completely iconic and many people want to participate in the tours that will take them directly to this sign. Hollywood Blvd is also a must. It is exciting to see all of the celebrities hand prints and signatures on the star walk. This area also hosts quite a bit of dining and entertainment options.

If you are looking for a less star-studded adventure you can relax at one of the many beaches that monopolize the California coast line. You can spend an entire day relaxing in the sunshine and swimming in the ocean. There are many beach side restaurants and water activities that you can participate in as well. If you want to see what is beyond the coast then you can hop on a charter boat and explore Catalina Island. Catalina is unique. There are inns, restaurants, shops and lots of site seeing opportunities. You can charter a motorized raft to go whale watching or get around on the island via golf cart. This island also boasts a wine festival and is dotted with wineries.

While we’re talking about wineries, if you are on mainland California you should check out Napa. Napa is the wine mecca of the United States. You can acquire a map and go on your own winery trail or you can charter a winery bus that travels to various wineries each day. This takes the driving factor out of your hands and allows you to fully enjoy and participate in everything the wineries have to offer. Many of the Napa Valley wineries also feature inns where you can lodge and enjoy fine dining and spa treatments. The wineries that are scattered around Napa Valley are each unique and family owned. A Napa Valley wine tour is a must for anyone who is visiting the state of California.

Another fun activity to participate in is a hot air balloon tour. If you plan on staying in Napa Valley you can take a hot air balloon ride directly over the wineries and take in the beautiful rolling hills and lush landscape that makes the valley a tourist destination. Tours can be booked through https://napavalleyballoons.com/packages.php and this site also offers a wide variety of information on the region.

If wine is not on your must do lists then you can take in a zoo or the golden gate bridge. The state of California features tall red wood forests, water recreational sports, fine dining, entertainment and site seeing landmarks. There is no wonder why many people all across the United States make California a must travel to vacation destination location.

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