9 Tips Before Buying A Pillow On A Plane

We will not describe the characteristics of the design, because if a tourist needed a pillow for his neck on an airplane, then he had already figured out its basic capabilities, and therefore we will go straight to the point. We give some recommendations, tips for choosing. Stick to them and draw conclusions.

Tip # 1: form!

Give an answer to the question: how comfortable is it for you to sleep? On the back, head back, or on the side? If on the back, then a bone-shaped support or small roll is perfect. A classic pillow (square, rectangle) may also be suitable, but such a design is considered uncomfortable, especially for long flights. The fact is that fixing it on a chair is problematic, and manufacturers rarely equip their products with straps or ties. Moreover, placing such a thing in baggage (if it is not inflatable) is also difficult.

Tip number 2: are there any problems with the musculoskeletal system!

This is again a matter of form. The fact is that initially a pillow under the head in an airplane was developed to provide effective support for the cervical-shoulder girdle and to prevent skeleton injuries during sudden movements (turbulence, air holes, braking). If you sleep soundly, suffer from frequent headaches, dizziness, back pain (neck) and you have a weak memory, then it is better to give preference to high-quality fixation. And these are pillows with a high-quality filler in the shape of a horseshoe with sides that correspond to the bends of the neck and its length.

Tip # 3: stuff!

It would be absurd to mention that a pillow under the neck in an airplane will come into contact with the body for a long time. Therefore, even if you do not suffer from allergic diseases and have nothing against synthetics, give preference to semi-natural materials (cotton, linen, satin with the addition of synthetic fibers). This is the best material for durability and wear resistance, which is suitable for allergy sufferers.

If you could not find a quality product, then take a homemade cover (cotton scarf, a piece of linen fabric) with you on the road, wrap a pillow and enjoy comfort.

Tip number 4: filler!

Among consumers inflatable pillows are very popular. But, according to reviews, they quickly lose their shape due to the inability to hold air for a long time. Do you need extra torment? If not, then the choice is wide: natural (artificial) latex, polyurethane foam, polystyrene balls, material with a memory effect and so on. Here the principle of choice is one – rigidity. From it and push off.

Twist the pillow in your hands, crush it with your palms, evaluate firmness, elasticity, ability to keep shape, your tactile sensations. Choose the one that is most malleable and elastic. This is the key to optimal support.

Tip number 5: check the edges!

Remember: you will put a pillow close to your neck. What does it mean? This means that the skin under the pillow will be in direct contact with the support, which should not cause injury to the skin. Therefore, carefully with the back of your forearm (without clothes), hold your hands along the inner edge of the support. Rate your feelings. If the edges prick, scratch, cause discomfort – take another pillow.

The same applies to the outer edge. It must be smooth and without folds, otherwise the support will cling to the back of the chair, causing additional inconvenience.

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Modern pillows on the plane are a fairly new device for sleeping, but useful and necessary. Remember, the comfort of the flight depends on the correctness of your choice, your well-being, not on the manufacturer and price, because it is you who choose the pillow, the manufacturer only offers its own option.

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