How to enjoy sailing a catamaran around Malta

The best way to experience Malta is from the sea. It is a sun sea destination, surrounded by crystal clear blue waters with 300 days of sunshine. It is also described as ‘’an open-air museum’’ with its stunning natural attractions and dense alluring history. With a long nautical tradition, Malta promises adventure, thrill, and discovery at every nook and cranny. Sailing a catamaran around Malta with its trampoline for relaxing and chilling on spacious decks, and a large cockpit that offers you plenty of room to enjoy is a worthy experience. Malta is the famous sailing destination for couples, families, and solo travelers who desire to explore picturesque beaches, the beautiful open sea, coastal caves, and lovely harbors.

Stability and size are the main factors of catamaran’s popularity. It generates more space between them that is ideal for a lot of stuff and a lot of people. The shape of a catamaran is not like monohull that’s why it provides a less tiring experience and it doesn’t need so much water underneath it that is why it can easily sail in shallow places also.

It is so true that the ‘’spirit of Malta’’ is created for sailing and it is the most satisfying way to enjoy a relaxing experience at sea. Catamaran sailing allows you to sail into the open sea along the scenic bays of Malta and its sister islands. To add more charm and pleasure swimming/snorkeling in different bays and visiting the Blue Lagoon to witness pure-white sand crystal clear waters is simply breathtaking.


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