Fun facts about Hong Kong

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There are many interesting facts about Hong Kong that you love to know before visiting that place:

  • The size of Hong Kong International Airport is the same as the size of 20 soccer fields.
  • Cathay Pacific is the home airline of Hong Kong, and it has won the title of “World’s Best Airlines” many times.
  • In Hong Kong, you will be considered lucky if you will have a daughter followed by a son as their characters together consider “good” in Chinese.
  • One of the World’s most giant seated Buddha statue is in Hong Kong. This bronze Big Buddha is located on Lantau Island, and it towers over visitors at 34 meter high.
  • Cantonese is the language of the majority population in Hong Kong. This language has a system of Jyutping (Romanization) and has nine different tones.
  • For about seven months there is typhoon (tropical storms) season in Hong Kong, but they have a highly efficient system for dealing with this. May to November is typhoon season. Hong Kong has a highly skilled policy for dealing with these tropical storms.
  • It is possible that you will get an apartment building without a fourth floor. Omitting number four is typical in Hong Kong as in Chinese number four sounds like death and that is why it is considered unlucky. 
  • In Hong Kong people practice mystical art feng shui commonly. As to deflect bad energy, the rooftop of Central’s HSBC Hong Kong building includes two rods. These roads face the Bank of China building and are built with sharp edges to cut and dilute good energy.
  • The World’s longest covered escalators are considered as the pride of Hong Kong.
  • There are 263 Islands in Hong Kong Hong and some of them like Lamma, Lantau, and Cheung Chau, are accessible by ferry. While the remaining Islands are uninhibited.
  • Dim sum is an essential part of local food culture, but initially, these bites of goodness were a snack food for the traveler. 
  • Pineapple buns and egg tarts are must-try local individual bakery items.
  • Hong Kong’s skyline is marvelous with over 8,000 glittering skyscrapers. It is the tallest building of Hong Kong with almost half a kilometer high. It is located in West Kowloon and is the International Commerce Centre or ICC. It’s topmost of the crown floor has the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong whose swimming pool and bars are located on the 118th floor of this building and make it the highest building in the World.
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