Great Places to Shop in St Bart

Traveling to St. Barth Soon?

St Bart is a small, but beautiful Caribbean island. The small island is well known for its beautiful white sandy beaches, great cuisine, luxurious style, and social activities. But don’t forget about St Barts shopping, there are many boutiques and trendy places to shop. There are a lot of local artists that showcase their work in the galleries. St Bart is also known for being a trendsetter, everything that is up and coming you can find in St Bart.

Besides the shopping and cuisine, St Bart has very nice luxurious places to stay. Depending on what you want you can stay in a nice villa or hotel. Each have unique styles and amenities that will suit any guest. Renting a villa will give you more privacy and a sense of vacationing in a home versus a hotel. If you opt for staying in a hotel you have the luxury of having your every whim catered. You can dine in or out either way you will enjoy the delicious cuisine of St Barts native land. You can rent a car and drive to some of the local places of interest and soak in the culture.

Places of Interest and Shopping

St Bart is also renown for its shopping and art galleries. St Bart is listed on the top ten list of great places to go for shopping. One reason is the city of Gustavia, which is the capital of St. Bart. In Gustavia you can shop until you drop or at least until 7 pm. Instead of going to a mall try going to a street lined with several shops and boutiques that are in walking distance.

Gustavia has three major streets dedicated to shopping, this would be the perfect dream for a shop-a-holic. You can find rare items that are designed by locals or shop for famous brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and many more. For additional information on Gustavia try visiting here and search for shopping in Gustavia.

Another great place to shop is the city of St Jean. This city is renown for its swimwear and sportswear. St. Jean is the place to go to find the new and trending styles for outdoors. In addition, St. Jean is also famous for their trendy jewelry shops. So, if you are looking for a nice sarong, summer dress, sportswear, or unique jewelry; then St Jean is the place to go. If you want to learn more about St Jean and other locations in St Barts for shopping try visiting this site, for more information.

Besides shopping, don’t forget to take time to walk the white sandy beaches of St Barts. St Bart has 14 beautiful beaches that are open for anyone to enjoy. One of the most unique beach of the fourteen is Saline Beach. Saline Beach is the best location for sunbathing according to visitors and locals. But if privacy is what you are looking for try stomping and snorkeling at Colombier Beach. This beach is far away from the hustle and bustle of shops and social activities; which gives you an opportunity to soak in the sand and sun alone with that special someone. Whether shopping or just lounging, St Bart is the place to go to enjoy both.

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