Handpicked collection of the best cuisines in Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai

The emirate is at the hotbed of tourism with millions of travelers flocking the city all year round for its shopping, entertainment, and architecture marvels. Moreover, the booming economy and job opportunities attract numerous new residents every year who move to the metropolis for the personal and financial security the “City of Gold” offers.

Besides their talent and culture, the multitudes of visitors also bring the unique taste of their home country to the UAE. Major food chains from different parts of the world have also opened up their outlets in the heart of UAE offering both – the local and tourists a wealth of food options.

In simple words – The UAE food scene is as fabulous as the city itself.

Here, we list down Dubai’s favorite cuisines – popular with the entire inhabitants.

  1. Chinese

Chinese cooking style is varied and usually it is hard to believe that the different dishes are from the same nation. Nevertheless, the unique flavors and the aroma of Chinese food enjoy immense popularity in Dubai.

From stir-fried chicken and Mongolian beef to noodles and duck meat – the Emirate of Dubai boasts many places that suit every style and budget.

Pick up your chopsticks and dig in at: Chinese Place Restaurant located at the Tunisia Court of Ibn Battuta Mall. With a lifespan of over 33 years, the Chinese Palace Restaurant offers authentic Chinese food, impeccable customer service, artistic décor, and a quick service.

Also, try: Little Bangkok Go for Thai cuisine prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients. Find it at the Tunisia Court in Ibn Battuta Mall.

  1. Mexican

Renowned for its rich mixture of flavor, color, and texture – Mexican cuisine is very popular with the Dubaians. The staple addition of healthy ingredients along with the cultural variations makes Mexican cuisine a must-try when visiting the UAE.

There are numerous restaurants in Dubai as well as fast food joints that serve authentic Mexican food for a feast in your mouth.

Try it out: Taco de Casa restaurant offers a full menu of authentic Mexican cuisine including appetizers and main dishes. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or a full meal – Taco de Casa at the Persia Court of Ibn Battuta Mall is the place to be.

  1. Italian

When dining in Dubai, Italian cuisine is not limited to pizza and spaghetti. The flavor-filled food options here are limitless and gastronomy lovers can find different restaurants that suit their taste.

Dig in at: Santino’s Dubai for high quality Italian cuisine and wallet-friendly prices. Boasting a live-pasta station and an exclusive kids menu – the Santino’s at Tunisia Court of Ibn Battuta Mall has something for every member of the family.

  1. Indian

With rice and curries being a staple item, the Indian restaurants in Dubai are plentiful offering food full of fresh ingredients, aromatic spices, and vibrant colors.

UAE has the largest number of Indian migrants in the world whom along with their rich heritage bring some wonderful food options for the residents and tourists of Dubai.

Enjoy the feast at: Red Flavors at Persia Court of Ibn Battuta Mall for an Indian-esque ambience besides the quality and generously portioned food.

Bombay Chowpatty is another venue for snacks and appetizers of Indian ethnicity. While there, don’t forget to have their famous cup of tea or ‘chai’. Check it out at the Tunisia Court of the mall.

  1. American

Last but definitely not the least is American cuisine. From the dominating food chains of Mc Donald’s and KFC to shakes at Baskin Robbins – visitors can find everything to their liking at the different food courts of Ibn Battuta Mall.

The Ibn Battuta Mall, world’s largest theme-shopping mall in Dubai attracts millions of visitors each year – from varying nationalities. Besides offering excellent shopping and dining options, the mall stores more than 50 restaurants and food outlet that cater to all nationalities, taste buds, and budget.

For all dining in Dubai, visit the Ibn Battuta Mall on the Sheikh Zayed Road.

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