How to have the perfect holiday

Have you ever planned to go away to a far away Country and enjoy quality time with family and loved ones? Then not had it work out exactly as you had hoped? Well I certainly have, and now I take care to plan my trips a little bit better to ensure that I give myself the best possible chance of a great vacation. Here are some of the tips that I use when going away.

1, Google Translate App

This app for me has been a lifesaver. It is free to download to your smart phone and saves all the frustration of not being understood as you try and use school boy French to communicate. The app will translate any message that you type in, into over 100 different languages. Enabling you to communicate complicated questions with anyone, so now there is no reason to not get accurate directions.

If you are lucky enough to be visiting a country that speaks one of the thirty-three different voice recognised languages, then you do not even need to type in a message. Simply speak into your smart phone and the system will automatically play back your message translated into your selected language. Allowing you to have two-way voice translation.

The app also has the third special function. If you take a picture of anything written, such as directions, or a menu. It will recognise the writing, and then transit it for you. This can be very useful when no one is around and you want to understand so displayed information.

This app has made struggling to communicate in a different language a thing of the past, thank-you google.

2, Send your bags ahead.

Now you do not need to carry heavy suitcases to the airport, queue to check them in, or wait for them later at baggage reclaim. I recommend sending them ahead to your hotel with a specialist international luggage shipping service such as Courierpoint. They can arrange for the best branded international carriers such as DHL and FedEx to collect your bags from your door, and deliver them directly to your hotel before you even leave for the airport. Allowing you to travel relaxed, in the knowledge that your bags have arrived and are waiting for you.

This type of VIP service has become far more affordable in recent years and now can compete with the cost of airline baggage. Giving you are real option to travel like a VIP luggage free. This type of service is not just for luggage but sport equipment such as golf clubs or for sending parcels to USA  or anywhere that you are relocating to, so that you do not have to carry them with you.

3, Read Reviews

I find that studying independent reviews on websites such as TripAdvisor has helped me to choose between a shortlist of hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions that I have been considering. Reading reviews from previous clients usually informs about the standard to equipment in hotels and the service that the staff provide. It also often includes tips and recommendations that I would not have otherwise know about, such as where the best local markets are.

4, Exchange your currency in advance

If you exchange your currency before you leave for the airport you will get a much better exchange rate. It also has the added benefit, that if you come back with any extra cash, usually if you have the original receipt the bureaux de change will exchange your currency back without charging any commission. A double win for you.

I hope that you have found these tips interesting and helpful.



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